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Pre-recorded Courses

Introduction to the Resilience Paradigm

Dr. Keith Blevens re-evaluates what we know about Resilience and systematically outlines a watertight explanation of how Resilience really works, for all of us,
100 % of the time.
5.5 Hours

The Transformative Power of the Three Principles as a Paradigm

Keith and Valda lead a 3 day course from the ground up on how our thought and feeling work all the time as a constant. Insightfully seeing this holds transformative power for each of us.
17 hours

The Three Principles Taught as a Paradigm: From the Beginning

A 5 hour, 5 Session course progressively revealing what it means to think about the three universal principles behind our experience of life as a paradigm (a constant, predictive timeless law with no exceptions)
5 hours

Sharing the Discovery of the Three Principles as a Paradigm

Keith and Valda's first articulation of the insightful discoveries that appeared as they began learning about the three principles as a paradigm. This audio series captures them sharing deeply with a small group of colleagues and friends how the Three Principles viewed as paradigm is not something we have to be advocates for, but something we can bear witness to, something that brings impersonal implications that are not of our creation.
7 hours

The "Illusion of 3 Paradigms Diagram" Guide PDF

A complete guide to the simple and powerful diagram which exposes the deceptive idea that it could be possible to have any feeling or attitude without the principle of ‘thought in the moment’ being included.
Learn what the diagram represents and how it works in pointing us back to the simple truth that thought, and the feeling of thought, are inseparable, and the content of our thinking is not running the show. It’s something deeper.
10 pages

It Only Works One Way PDF & MP3s

A 12 page PDF transcript of Dr. Keith Bleven's video Series, It Only Works One Way plus a 43 minute downloadable audio MP3 of the talk. An opportunity to reflect more deeply on the exposition of the logic behind our experience and the implications it holds for us.

Upcoming Events

Exploring the Logic and Wisdom of the Three Principles as a Paradigm 2019

Our annual advanced 4-day seminar.
La Conner, WA, USA. April 14-17th, 2019.
Details coming soon.
April 14-17th

"You’re going to have to learn through insight, which is the best thing in the world. You couldn’t get anything more practical.

Along with your family and who you love it’ll be the most important thing you learn.

There's a chance to learn something that is going help you change in a way that anybody would like to change.

You end up learning the things you need to learn because you’re learning through insight. And insight is custom made, for you, to learn in a way that you’re interested in. What more could you ask for?"

Valda Monroe, from “The Transformative Power of the Three Principles as a Paradigm.”
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