We work with individuals, couples, and families to help them get over habitual and repetitive patterns of thought that interfere with treating one another better and change in ways most people imagine would be too hard or even impossible.

We work with professionals, CEOs and management teams looking to enhance effective decision making, the communication skills of team members, and the efficiency, effectiveness and resilience of their teams. (We find that the shifts they experience in their thinking then impacts positively on their family life too).

We work with coaches, practitioners and facilitators to deepen their impact and effectiveness with clients.

How to arrange sessions with us

When working with couples or individual clients we often meet with clients online via Skype/Zoom or we can meet you in person if you are local to Washington.

We usually pre arrange to have a block of sessions together over a period of months.

For prices and an assessment of your needs Keith can be contacted via email: or, via Telephone: (00 1) 360 466 2300. (Pacific Time).


One of the ways we have found to be the most in depth effective and impactful ways you can work with us is to travel to La Conner and meet with Keith and Valda over a 4 day period. This is what we call an Intensive.

Getting away from the familiar routines and responsibilities of your everyday life is a great way to immerse yourself in some deeper learning and reflection. The 4 day intensive format creates a momentum of very targeted and personalised learning. Our teaching is tailor made to the individuals who come, so this greatly accelerates the learning and deepens the impact for them.

As a package, it usually consists of 7 x 2.5 hourly appointments over 4 days and a period of follow up phone/Skype/Zoom calls when you return home. The value and purpose of the follow up calls is to multiply the benefit of the learning that has been done in person and set you up for further self-correction and evolution on a go forward basis. It also enables us to answer questions that arise once a person has gone home. Going back into your home environment after our 4 days together often brings even more learning to light.

If you are interested in setting up an Intensive with us, you can get in touch with Keith personally and we will arrange to set up an intake call to see if we are a good fit for work together. There is no charge for an intake call.

Keith can be contacted via email: or, via Telephone: (00 1) 360 466 2300. (Pacific Time).

Where do Intensives take place?

We hire out a meeting room at the La Conner Country Inn or the  Channel Lodge over the 4 days we are working together. Some clients also choose to lodge at the Country Inn or Channel Lodge for the duration of their stay. There are  a range of other hotels and accommodation options available in La Conner. It’s a small and beautiful town and the Country Inn and Channel Lodge are situated very close to the main streets, with lots of coffee shops and eateries to choose from.

The town of La Conner is situated an hour and a half north of Seattle. The nearest airport is Seattle-Tacoma. We can send you further essential information to assist your travel and transfers to La Conner. 

A view from Deception Pass, near La Conner, Washington State, USA.