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Professional Membership Benefits

Watch a new recording of Keith and Valda coaching every month

A monthly live debrief on the coaching call Keith and Valda did

A live
Professionals' Monthly Webinar Class with
Keith and Valda

25% discount for future live training programs or workshops

7 sets of recordings Keith and Valda did training students in workshops

Instant access to the downloadable PDFs that accompany our courses and live classes.

Our consent for you to use our copyrighted materials with your clients

Professional Members also have access to our collection of  Foundational and Advanced Recordings

These first three programs establish the logical and self-proving foundation from which we can think accurately about how our experience works.

Introduction to the Resilience Paradigm

A Powerful 1.5 Day Introductory Workshop.
Dr. Keith Blevens re-evaluates what we know about Resilience and systematically outlines a watertight explanation of how Resilience really works, for all of us, 100 % of the time.
5.5 Hours

The Transformative Power of the Three Principles as a Paradigm

Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe lead a comprehensive 3 Day Seminar from the ground up on how our thought and feeling work all the time as a constant. Insightfully seeing this holds transformative power for each of us.
17 hours

The Three Principles Taught as a Paradigm - from the Beginning

A 5 hour, 5 Session course progressively revealing what it means to think about the three universal principles behind our experience of life as a paradigm (a constant, predictive timeless law with no exceptions).
5 Hours

Going a step further, the next four sets of teachings are our most advanced to date. They opened up new territory in our exploration of the logic and intelligence of the Three Principles. We consider them essential listening for anyone teaching the Three Principles as a Paradigm.

Sharing the Discovery of the Three Principles as a Paradigm

An 8-part series of Keith and Valda sharing their discovery that the Three Principles as a Paradigm revealed a deeper organisation to the human experience that went beyond ego
7 hours

Exploring the Logic and Wisdom of the Three Principles as a Paradigm 2017

A comprehensive dive into what the Three Principles mean paradigmatically
18 Hours

The Logic of Innate Health

This 8-part audio series is designed to bring to light a constant pre-existing logic of the 3 Principles, so you can discover more well-being, ease and resiliency in your life.
10 Hours

Always True, Always Relevant 2019

A 4-day event where Keith and Valda were coaching a client with the Three Principles as a Paradigm. These recordings include follow-up sessions to track the client's progress.
25.5 Hours

Why we created a Professionals' Membership

Anywhere there are people, there is mental life. And, wherever there is mental life there is relevance to the Three Principles. Since we began thinking, learning and teaching about the Three Principles as a paradigm we have often been asked by people sharing the principles with different populations and in different sectors if we offer a practitioner certification course. Also, people get in touch to ask if they can have our permission to use and share our copyrighted materials in their work with clients. Until now we haven’t known clearly what to do: the answer to the first question has been, ‘no, not at the moment’, and the answer to the second question, has been, ‘uhh, maybe…’!

An individual’s own journey towards a deeper understanding of the principled nature of mental life is a matter of insight. And insight is bound by nothing. We cannot know how long it will take anybody to learn this, but we would like to offer a way for people to enhance their appreciation and precision of what it means to experience, learn and teach the Three Principles as a paradigm. This is not a certification course, but it is an ongoing opportunity to be part of a community of people who wish to better understand and teach the Three Principles as a paradigm, and we are excited to invite people to join us in this endeavour.

How much does the Professional Membership cost and how long does it last?

The professional membership is an annual membership.
It costs £99 paid monthly over 12 months or you can pay £999 in advance for a year. You can start the membership at anytime during the year.

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