The Transformative Power of the Three Principles as a Paradigm


Product Description

Filmed over the course of a three day seminar, this program is a comprehensive introduction to the Three Principles Paradigm and its power to transform individuals regardless of their circumstances and past by both Keith Blevens, Ph.D., and Valda Monroe.  It was originally delivered to a broad audience including coaches, helping professionals and people with no previous knowledge of the Three Principles Paradigm looking for a deeper understanding of the logic behind their experience of life.

This program dives in depth into:

  •  The significance of Sydney Banks discovery and what this frees up for us both personally, and in terms of our relationships, professional lives and more.
  • The inseparable nature of the Thought-Feeling connection
  • The Implications of the Three Principles Paradigm
  • Seeing how the subtraction of outside-in misunderstanding enables us to live a life of more understanding with deeper feelings of love and compassion
  • What resilience is, in the face of any personal, relationship, or business challenges(s)

There are over 17 hours of footage and downloadable MP3s are available.


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