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Product Description

The “Illusion of 3 Paradigms Diagram” is a Three Principles Paradigm graphic which lays the foundation for our teaching. We have written an accompanying guide to the diagram which provides a comprehensive explanation of it. These materials, which also include an audio version of the guide can be purchased as a stand alone set.

We also highly recommend having this set of materials to accompany and compliment our other recorded materials.

The diagram is designed to contrast how something does work and how that same thing does not work. It is not asking the question of whether some thinking or feeling is right or wrong, high or low, good or bad, positive or negative. Rather, it asks the question: “If there is a paradigm about how we actually psychologically experience life, how is this different from not having a paradigm?”

‘The Illusion of 3 Paradigms’ diagram invites us to consider how we experience. In the absence of a psychological paradigm thus far, we have been less able to think specifically and deeply about how we psychologically experience life, and distinguish it from how we actually do not experience life. The Three Principles bring us a paradigm that enables us to think accurately about how our experience works.

This set is for individual use. If you wish to purchase a full set of the diagram to use in your own teaching please email us.


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