Sharing the Discovery of the Three Principles as a Paradigm


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“Sharing the Discovery of the Three Principles as a Paradigm,” an 8 part audio set.

“There was something about the raw beauty in insightfully learning as we were sharing that was captured in these recordings.”

Keith Blevens

Hear about how the Three Principles viewed as paradigm is not something we have to be advocates for, but something we can bear witness to, something that brings impersonal implications that are not of our creation.

In 2013, having experienced new insights into what they were learning about the principles, Keith and Valda invited a group of close friends and colleagues to take part in a tele-series to share what they were learning. It was their first endeavour to comprehensively describe their insightful discoveries. This rich audio collection is being made available to a wider audience for the first time. 

Here is an excerpt:

“This took us a step further than where we had ever been, and we didn’t know that that step existed. I never knew that was going to happen, but it really took us out of trying to do this and into having insights about understanding this and looking more towards the principles rather than looking so much at our personal feelings.

We had kind of gotten in a habit of looking at how am I doing here? How am I feeling? How am I doing? But this pointed us in a different direction. It pointed us toward how do the principles work? And what are the implications from that? We just kind of stuck with it out of necessity and because we were having some deeper insights than we had had before.

This for me was just getting more respect for ‘how does that work‘?  So, we started learning, getting kind of zeroed in on the fact that we were feeling our thinking. In the moment, we would be feeling our thinking. And that’s kind of led us through, and we kind of got singular about looking at that knowing that it’s a spiritual law, it’s a psychological law. It may not sound quite as spiritual as how it’s been taught before. But to me, this is spiritual law, and I don’t know how to get more spiritual than that.”

Valda Monroe – Sharing the Discovery of the Three Principles Paradigm – Part 1.


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