Implications NOT Applications 2018


The unity of Thought and Feeling is a natural law. It reveals implications which bring new thinking and realizations for us.
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The unity of Thought and Feeling is a natural law. It reveals implications which bring new thinking and realizations for us.

Mondays from 11th June to 9th July 2018
Each Session will be 90 minutes and take place at 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 8pm BST, 9pm CET

This true paradigm derives from a natural law that is constant, dependable, and predictive. Looking in this direction opens up insightful territory.

Given we are all thinkers, having a paradigm for thinking has tremendous implications. This insight benefits us by aligning us with how we actually function.

A true paradigm reveals exactly how something works and simultaneously how that same thing does not work. Illogical thinking naturally falls away.

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Webinar 1 – Monday 11th June
These are implications of how the logic of the Three Principles Paradigm works. This is why they are not applications to try to do. There’s no doing here!

Implication 1
Flat Earth Thinking
Flat Earth Thinking is believing a system works in a way that it actually does not.
We lose flat earth thinking!

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Webinar 2 – Monday 18th June
Implication 2
Separate Realities
As we see the fact of Separate Realities judgement becomes illogical. Compassion, respect and listening become obvious.

Implication 3
The 100% Solution
The one psychological truth of feelings coming from thought in the moment takes a lot off our mind. It brings quiet and simplicity to our life.

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Webinar 3 – Monday 25th June
Implication 4
The Future is an Incomplete Equation
In any future we know thought in the moment will always be missing. We cannot know what we will think and feeling in a future moment.

Implication 5
We Can Handle the Truth!
When we know our feelings are coming from thought in the moment, other false possibilities are eliminated. We do not feel insecure!

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Webinar 4 – Monday 2nd July
Implication 6
Who’s Got The Power?
The illusion is not the circumstance. The illusion is that the circumstance has the power to dictate how we feel. Only thought has that power!

Implication 7
There’s No Other Place To Be
There is one specific place in time we experience thinking creating feeling. It is not in the past or the future. It only exists in the present moment.

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Webinar 5 – Monday 9th July
Implication 8
The Big Take Away
As we realize the illogic of how our thinking does not work, thinking based on that illogical naturally falls away. We are left with secure, not fearful thought and feeling. This is the Big Take Away!

An Observation
Sometimes We See It, Sometimes We Don’t
As we catch sight of how deceptive the Outside-In illusion really is it makes less and less sense to judge ourselves and others. Compassion and humility arise effortlessly.

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Keith is a Clinical Psychologist and Three Principles educator, trainer and consultant. He has been working with professionals, organizations, individuals, couples and families for over 40 years helping them to realize deeper and deeper levels of resilience and mental health.


Valda is a three principles paradigm leader, teacher and consultant. She does not bring degrees and doctorates to the principles, she does bring a deep respect for logic and an out of the box viewpoint that is cutting edge. Clients are deeply impacted by the power, and practicality of her teaching.

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What if I can’t make the timings?
If you can’t make the live meetings, we also record our meetings so you can catch up anytime. You can find more about this in the ‘What You Get’ tab.