Three Principles Paradigm


A simple, affordable and flexible way to evolve your in your learning of the Three Principles as a Paradigm.

This monthly membership is designed to expose the foundations of a pre-existing logic behind all Human experience. 


We'd love to show you how all human experience works so you can have a more insightful and purposeful life.

We are the originators and pioneers of teaching and thinking about the Three Principles as a Paradigm. We are married and we have a unique shared experience that inspires us to want to collaborate and work together, to uncover more of what the Three Principles Paradigm has to offer.

This is not rocket science but it is more than a five minute conversation. It helps people to change in ways most thought would be too hard or even impossible. Our thinking habits started to change through this deeper understanding of how we experience life through the three principles, which is a more powerful way to change than will power.

For us, stubborn habits of judgement and criticism got revealed and began to fall away. Repetitive, habitual thought is often revealed and falls away. It is so meaningful to experience these sort of changes in yourself, to lose thinking patterns that were interfering with treating loved ones well.

To naturally be less reactive and to honestly be more compassionate and loving. Creativity comes more easily too, and all these things come about not from active doing on our part. As we become more aligned with the innate logic of how our experience works the deeper feelings of life such as compassion, gratitude, love, joy and forgiveness logically replace more shallow feelings.

We have been discovering ways to teach and share this paradigm of wisdom so it is as practical for others as it has been for us. The Three Principles Paradigm Monthly Membership provides a practical teaching that anyone can comprehend that reveals a more insightful and wiser way to go forward.

Our Monthly Membership includes 3 of our most powerful taught courses which you can work through at your own pace.


Introduction to the Resilience Paradigm



The Three Principles Taught as a Paradigm: From the Beginning



The Transformative Power of the Three Principles Paradigm


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Learning about the profound natural law of mental life is one thing - having insight about that integrate into your thinking at a deep and practical level is quite another.

Here's everything you'll receive when you enroll in the Monthly Membership

The Three Principles Paradigm Recordings

Three highly insightful set of recordings from our previous events that have been proven to help to get to the bottom on how thinking, feeling, and insight works.

Downloadable PDFs

Included are a set of PDFs for you to read and think about, including "Implications NOT Applications" and "Three Overarching Outcomes."

Enroll in the Monthly Membership today!

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The Monthly Membership is delivered completely online. All the materials and footage are housed in a secure location on our website.

Your membership is on a monthly recurring subscription basis. Once you enroll, a recurring billing has been set up. 

Each subscription period is one calendar month.

You are free to stop the subscription anytime.

Yes! You don’t need to know anything about what the Three Principles are, or what a paradigm is to get the most out of the Monthly Membership.

We are fully focused on looking in the direction of insight, which is where transformative change happens. And everyone, yourself included, cannot ever lose the capacity for insight.

A computer and an internet connection – what you are already using to read this!

Payment can be made with any major credit card or with PayPal.

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Yes you can! We have a Professional Membership program that some monthly members “upgrade” to.

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