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  • Would like to have the opportunity to attend a regular live class with pioneering teachers of this paradigm of mental life?

There are insights waiting for you via our recordings and live webinars...

Our Monthly Membership
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As soon as you join you'll be able to view the following courses...

Introduction to the Resilience Paradigm

A powerful 1.5 day introductory workshop. Dr. Keith Blevens re-evaluates what we know about Resilience and systematically outlines a watertight explanation of how Resilience really works, for all of us, 100 % of the time
5.5 Hours

The Transformative Power of the Three Principles as a Paradigm

Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe lead a comprehensive 3 Day Seminar from the ground up on how our thought and feeling work all the time as a constant. Insightfully seeing this holds transformative power for each of us.​
17 hours

The Three Principles Taught as a Paradigm - from the Beginning

A 5 hour, 5 Session course progressively revealing what it means to think about the three universal principles behind our experience of life as a paradigm (a constant, predictive timeless law with no exceptions).​
5 hours

Our Monthly Membership also includes...

Downloadable PDFs
to accompany our courses and live classes

A live monthly webinar class with Keith & Valda

A 10% discount for any future live training programs or workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view the Resources?

When you sign up to our monthly membership program you'll create a unique username and password. Simply login to our site and the workshop recordings will be available for you to view on the My Resources page. You'll find downloadable PDFs there for you to read as well.

What if I miss the live class?

The recordings of the live classes will also be added to your My Resources section. You'll be able to watch the replays at any time.

When does the monthly online class take place and how long is it?

The monthly online class is 90 minutes long and takes place on the third Sunday of every month at 12pm Pacific Time, 3pm Eastern, 8pm Uk and 9pm Central Europe.

How much does this membership cost?

It's only £25 a month (+ VAT for UK and European Residents). You can start and stop the membership whenever you like.

I'd like to register for an upcoming workshop. How do I claim my 10% discount?

Once your membership is up and running you'll find your 10% discount code in your 'My Resources' area. The website will recognise you as an authorised member and you'll be able to register for the workshop/training at the discounted price.

How soon can I start?

Right away! You can start listening and watching our recordings as soon as you've registered. Our first Monthly webinar will take place on Sunday, September 16th.

Keith Blevens, Ph.D.
Valda Monroe

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