Insight – Our Evolutionary Potential

Never underestimate the power of an insight… Sometimes one genuine insight is worth all your previous experiences in life put together.

Sydney Banks, The Enlightened Gardener

Sydney Banks was tenacious about the importance of insight in understanding what he was pointing to. Insight is an extremely leveraged way to learn. Because each of us is unique, what we learn through insight is custom designed to be relevant to us. Insight has a feeling of vitality and wisdom that keeps us interested in learning more. This interest is not self-created. The deep impersonal feeling of insight reminds us of our unlimited potential for new thought. We all have the capacity for new thought in any given moment.

Insights are not limited by time or experience. They do not run on a time or experience based continuum. There is always deeper in life, for everyone. No one is exempt. It is always through insight that humanity evolves, when we go beyond what we currently know. There is no limit to how far beyond our existing knowledge we may go.

Evolution is inevitable for anyone who has an insight into the way their actual reality is being created from thought in the moment. In considering where our feelings are coming from in the moment as a constant, we find ourselves in insightful and reflective territory. It is uncommon for us to encounter knowledge with such transformative power.

There was a woman who, before she understood the true nature of psychological experience, felt justifiably judgmental and critical whenever anything happened that was unfair. She came from a family who talked about unfair things openly. They never considered there could be another way to think and feel about such circumstances. As she was learning about the nature of psychological life she had an insight about something unfair that had happened to her years earlier. As she had insight about her thinking, she realized this memory was repetitive. She had never thought about this incident and the other person involved, in any other way except judgmentally and critically. This insight came to her in the form of a question, “Do I know another way to think about this?” The answer, was “No”.

Three days later another insight came to her. The other person had made a mistake! In the same moment, she had a further insight that she too had made mistakes her whole life, and would unintentionally make them for the rest of her life. Previously, judgement and criticism had been a perfectly acceptable way to think. In that moment, judgement and criticism became illogical to her, and through the realization that she too would always make mistakes, compassion was revealed as the only logical response. This insight unavoidably evolved her as she experienced freedom from previously held beliefs. This deep and powerful insight remains with her to this day.

As we start to see something deeper about the way we all actually psychologically work, it starts to change us. There is a direction built into the logic of how we psychologically and spiritually work. It funnels us in an unavoidable evolutionary direction. As we continuously evolve through insight about what is true, we simultaneously learn about what is not true. This takes a lot of thinking off our minds. Our minds are quieted through logic and insight. It is hard to comprehend how valuable this is.

By Keith Blevens Ph.D. and Valda Monroe

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Meeting Sydney Banks

Sydney came in and sat quietly until the room had settled down and then he began to talk. He was the exact opposite of an aggressive motivational speaker. He was quiet spoken and full of deep impactful feeling. I loved his feeling and the feeling in the room.

Short on Insight

We could see that anyone would be short on insight when experiencing the misperception that their feelings were caused by something other than thought in the moment. This misperception automatically fills our heads up with misunderstanding. It creates the illusion that we need to do something and figure out what to do in order to solve our feelings. With so much to think about, no wonder our heads become cluttered and we experience a feeling of pressure.


Most people would like to be able to stop thinking about thoughts that are undesirable or unnecessary, but they find it hard to accomplish. Also most people would like to have wiser and more intelligent thinking so they can live a better life. These are good ideas, but without a practical way to accomplish them, they are not of much help to us.