Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe present

Discovering Natural Implications NOT Applications and Overarching Outcomes

An 8-part webinar series
Starts Macrh 2020. Dates TBC

Implications give us a way to distinguish between the truth of the Three Principles and what is not true.

As not true thinking falls away the natural state of a quiet mind is uncovered.

We begin to experience a more spiritually fulfilling life.

Limited to 60 places

Implications NOT Applications

Below are the implications of the Three Principles Paradigm.

Your presenters, Keith and Valda, will go into detail for each implication. These implications are not about trying, application or willpower.

The insights of these implications leave a person changed from the truth of how mental life works. We experience a new depth of a quieter mind, not from accomplishment or doing, but from the insight of what is not even possible.

This paradigm evolves and transforms us.

Flat Earth Thinking

Flat Earth thinking is believing a system working in a way that it actually does not. When we see thinking working in a way it actually does not, then this thinking is rendered obsolete. This naturally quiets our mind.

Separate Realities

We all think differently. Therefore every person has their own reality. We no longer need to think like others or need others to think like us. We become less judgemental and more compassionate.

The 100% Solution

The one experiential truth of ‘feelings are coming from thought in the moment’ takes a lot off our mind. This acts as a doorway to deeper thoughts and feelings.

The Future is an
Incomplete Equation

We cannot know what we will think or feel in a future moment. We spend less time imagining scenarios as if we do. We are therefore surprisingly unburdened.

We CAN Handle the Truth!

When we know our feelings derive from Thought in the moment, all other possibilities of why we feel the way we do are eliminated. We finally discover our psychological security!

Who's Got the Power?

Circumstances do not have the power to dictate how we feel. Only Thought in the moment can give us an experience of the circumstance. We move forwards in a practical way.

There's No Other Place to Be

There is one specific place in time we can experience thinking creating feeling. This only exists in the present moment. It is as if we finally have a practical reason to be here.

The Big Subtraction

As outside-in thinking is seen for what it is, it naturally falls away. We are left with secure, not fearful, thought and feeling. This is the Big Subtraction!

Sometimes We See It, Sometimes We Don't

We begin to catch sight of how deceptive the ‘Outside-In’ illusion really is. We are sometimes fooled by it. We are all in the same boat. We are now capable of being honest about ourselves. We stop judging, and we start listening and communicating.

The Three Overarching Outcomes

Below are the three significant outcomes as a result of having insight into how human experience works.

Absolute Direction

Either the world is flat or it is round, but it cannot be both be both flat and round at the same time. The human experience has its own discriminator. As we learn more about this discriminator, we start recognising what is happening with us. The Outside-In has got so many tell-tale signs that it is easy to spot. You know it’s a bad idea to continue in that direction. Then, there is only one direction left. This is the absolute direction.

Unavoidable Evolution

Anyone who has insight about the truth of the Three Principles will evolve. It is uncommon for us to deal with something that has such transformative power. When we consider Thought in the moment as a constant in our psychological experience we find ourselves in insightful and reflective territory.

Built-in Self Correction

We have the chance to have insight about our own thinking. We grow in insight that reveals if we are “Inside-Out” or “Outside-In.” This gives us a chance to self-correct. It is easier to change when we know something is illogical and not possible. It is like having a psychological truth that changes us.

Dates & Timings

There will be a 5-10 minute break in every session, the 90 minute sessions won't have a break.


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Yes! It may seem like a paradox, but you don’t need to know anything about what the Three Principles are, or what a paradigm is to get the most out of the program.

We are fully focused on looking in the direction of insight, which is where transformative change happens. And everyone, yourself included, cannot ever lose the capacity for insight.

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