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It Only Works One Way

An introductory series explaining the logic of how the human experience works.

“I suffered for years from anxiety and felt victim to feelings that were out of my control. My life has changed dramatically since understanding the logic behind our experience of life. I now have a completely different relationship to anxious thoughts & subsequently don’t live in the consuming thinking I did for over 20 years.”

Melanie Draper


“Taking off the table all these forces that we’ve all been reckoning with, forces in the past, forces out there, things that I get emotional about or things that I get upset about, or things that frighten me, or things that I don’t like, as all those things get reconciled to a singular paradigm, it’s a new deal. It’s a new human experience.

Different insights come our way. Different behaviours will arise in you. Different experiences and different feelings will arise in you.

Seeing that it works one way, and by virtue of that, it doesn’t work any other way or it doesn’t work the other way that you thought it did, that just takes a lot off the table. It takes a lot off our minds, and it does something for our behaviour and our experience and our future together. It’s wonderful.”

Keith Blevens,
Sharing the Discovery of the Three Principles as a Paradigm