Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Three Principles?

The three principles are mind, consciousness and thought. We do not have another way to experience life without these three psychological elements. They are the single paradigm from which all experience is created.  For a further description of the three principles by Sydney Banks who ‘uncovered’ and articulated them, click here. 

What do you mean by paradigm?

A paradigm is often thought of as a set of assumptions or governing principles that determine how we think about a given subject. When we use the word paradigm we are not talking about a conceptual paradigm based on theoretical assumptions or theoretical principles, we are talking about a pre-existing natural law based on actual principles that are up and running all the time.

Anywhere we look there are an unbelievable amount of intelligent and systemic ways in which life works. In physics and chemistry and biology we look at these systems and marvel at them. But in terms of our own psychology, we’ve been very confused about the paradigm by which we experience life. The Three Principles Paradigm brings us an airtight logic to think deeply and accurately about how our experience works so we can now begin to appreciate our own psychology and the systemic intelligence of it.

I’ve heard of the Three Principles, is the Three Principles Paradigm different?

There are many teachers and facilitators globally who share an understanding of the Three Principles. We have seen a constant logic that exists in the three principles that fulfils every criteria of a paradigm. We are dedicated to insightfully sharing the logic and simplicity of the principles as the single paradigm of how we psychologically and spiritually work. This leads us to teach in a very precise way. We use the term “Three Principles Paradigm” to describe that in our teaching, sharing and consulting we follow the logic of the pre-existing natural law that the principles bring.

Teaching the principles this way does not add anything new to the principles. It is no less spiritual than any other way of teaching the principles. It is logical, but it is not intellectual. It does not require any less insight than any other way of teaching the principles. The three principles are only realizable through insight, this is exactly the same for the three principles paradigm. 

Is the Three Principles Paradigm known by any other names?

It is also known as the Three Principles Single Paradigm, the Single Paradigm, the Inside-Out Paradigm, and the Resilience Paradigm.  

Can I contact you to arrange individual or couples coaching?

Yes. As every person is different, in order to decide how best to proceed we arrange an intake call with you to tailor make a plan which best suits your needs. Sometimes coaching sessions over the internet work well, other times a 4 day intensive in La Conner with follow up consultations are what would be the best fit. Alternatively, if our schedule is very full, we may put you in touch with one of our trusted colleagues  who also work with clients on an appointment basis. You can use the contact form if you would like to get in touch with us to arrange an intake call. 

I am a three principles based coach or practitioner, can I arrange to have mentoring with you? 

Yes. We often do intensives with principle based coaches and practitioners. We also run regular online webinar groups for 3PP practitioners wishing to deepen their understanding of the 3 principles taught as a paradigm. You can let us know through the contact page if you’d like to be invited to join one of these groups, or would like to arrange an intensive. 

Can I contact you with a specific question about the paradigm?

Due to our full schedule of teaching, coaching and writing we are not able to respond to every question individually. However, we are compiling a database of Q&A specifically related to the Three Principles Paradigm. We welcome any questions you wish to submit through the contact page and these will be assimilated into the Paradigm Q&A section of the website which we are currently compiling. 

Can I quote something that you said on your website?

Yes, as long as you credit us and include a link to our original source material on this website. We’d love to be notified if our work has been quoted, referenced, or translated, so please feel free to send us a message about it. 

Are you interested in hearing about the impact the single paradigm has had in my life?

Yes. We often receive emails from individuals who have been deeply impacted by the logic and wisdom this paradigm brings. We are building a collection of stories of individual change and evolution, and we’d love to hear yours. If you’d like us to read it, please keep it concise!