Our Most Advanced Learning Opportunity

La Conner, WA, USA, April 15-18th, 2018
In-person tickets SOLD OUT!
Live Stream tickets available until April 14th.

"The ego is like an iceberg, the greatest part of it is hidden"

Sydney Banks


Our Most Advanced Yearly Training Event

Sydney Banks’ insight into the universal principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness uncovered a pre-existing paradigm that was not previously known to the world.

This paradigm reveals a scientific black and white point that allows people to see how they actually psychologically and spiritually work and importantly, how they do not.

This distinction brings to light for people unnecessary and repetitive thinking, judgemental thinking and egotistical thinking.

As this thinking no longer appears logical or compelling it naturally and effortlessly falls away. We are realigned with the logic and intelligence of the paradigm through which we actually experience life. 

Led by Keith Blevens, Ph.D. and Valda Monroe

Keith and Valda pioneered the conception of the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as the Single Paradigm of all mental life. Their teaching, training and consulting derives from their own profound insights and experience. They are widely sought by individual clients, helping professionals, coaches and Thought-Leaders who are deeply impacted by the precision and practicality of their teaching. 

Who is this training for?

This program is for Three Principles Paradigm Students, Practitioners, Coaches, Teachers, Thought Leaders, and those who have had some exposure to our teaching.

If this applies to you and you’re keen to join a like-minded group to explore the new depths of this paradigm, we would love to have you join us.

If you are drawn to attend but are not sure if you have had enough exposure to the Three Principles taught as a Single Paradigm please get in touch and we would be happy to have a conversation with you.

We think about this gathering as an opportunity we take sincerely to move forward together. We will be united in our openness and interest in challenging our own assumptions about what we know so that we can take our individual and collective understanding deeper.

Together, we will explore...

The relevance of the Three Principles Single Paradigm and what it frees up for us and for the world.

How the paradigm brings a deeper constant that is a predictable and timeless logic as to how we psychologically and spiritually function, and how we do not.

What becomes relevant because of this paradigm and what is simultaneously rendered irrelevant and invalid.

How a solid paradigmatic orientation brings different insights and causes us to ask different questions.

How the paradigm rules out subjective judgements, of what is right and wrong, good or bad, high or low.

Why realizing the principles as a paradigm causes us to consider pre-existing intelligence in a practical and different way.


The event is taking place at the beautiful La Conner Country Inn in La Conner, WA, USA

Program Schedule

Main Training Event

The main training takes place over 3 and a half days,
from Sunday April 15th – Wednesday April 18th.

Post-Event Follow Up Sessions

This program includes 3 x 90 minute Online follow up classes for all attendees. These will take place on:
Wednesdays, May 2nd, 16th, and 30th at 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 8pm BST

Ready to deepen your learning?

You can come and join us this Spring in beautiful La Conner while the Skagit Valley Tulips are in bloom, or participate entirely online from the comfort of your home. 

We have a limited number of places in La Conner and this event will sell out.

When you have completed your registration for the program you will automatically gain access to the private Members Area for the event on our website. From here, in person attendees will be able to find essential information regarding travel, airport transfers and local area information.

The Members Area also functions as a “one stop shop” for all attendees looking to check the programme timings, as well as access and download course materials and directly access the webinars and online training sessions. It will also house the recordings of the event to which all attendees will have lifetime access.

The ego is like an iceberg, the biggest part of it is hidden

Sydney Banks