The Scientific Psychology of the Future Program

“These are the ones who will be practicing the psychology of the future.”

Sydney Banks

The Scientific Psychology of the Future Program

The Scientific Psychology of the Future Program is derived from a different dimension than the psychological understanding that has long been popular and practiced worldwide. That is derived from a multiplicity of conflicting intellectual beliefs and concepts without scientific principles. The Psychology of the Future derives from a completely different dimension, one with principles. The Psychology of the Future replaces the former with the rule of universal law. This psychology is being advanced here as the unified, principled, scientific psychology of the future long hoped for, but never yet realized on a large scale.

This single, original psychology is labeled Inside-Out. All others are labeled Outside-In.

The 3 Principles of the science of mental life are Divine Mind, Divine Consciousness, and Divine Thought. They illuminate a heretofore almost completely hidden dimension of mental life first revealed through enlightenment. By using these three principles, every human being in the world weaves their own entirely individual experience here on earth.

Used improperly, human beings must create subsequent suffering needlessly, and the massive amounts of insecurity and consequential behavioral problems so common in the world are the result. However, using these same three neutral principles properly, their formless energy is transforms into states of love and true understanding. We are each transforming the formless energy of mental life into both the physical world and spiritual world we experience as creation. This is the actual link between the physical world and spiritual world being one.

This is The Psychology of the Future, That Halts Suffering Needlessly.

The Inside-Out paradigm understanding is the black and white logic that forms the scientific (red line) discriminator for this program. As this small group of participants (16) become more deeply immersed in the simplicity of this logic, and resist it less, the principles insightfully remove more and more misunderstanding. This removal answers questions and solves problems that may have vexed you for a long time.


  • Why do I suffer needlessly? Is this telling me something? And if so, what?
  • Is there a true identity beyond ego? Does everyone have this? What is the nature of my relationship to the Divine?
  • Is there a true foundational cause of suffering needlessly? How does mental sickness get created? Is this the same everywhere, regardless of culture, sex, socioeconomic states or any other factors? What factors are not foundational, not at cause?
  • What about death? Should I fear it?
  • Are there problems with the adversity/distress connection? How does the science of the future resolve these problems?

There are an as yet unknown number of other questions and vexations that currently plague you that may be answered for you in this program.

The principles we will be working with and deepening our knowledge of target an endless array of problem areas that have baffled humanity for ages. Participants will increasingly find themselves working with, not against, these 3 greatest secrets. This quiets your mind, and subsequently inspires you, and will do the same for others you teach and help.

Your Hosts

Dr. Keith Blevens
Omar Ben Moussa

Dr. Keith Blevens & Omar Ben Moussa are at the forefront of this universal, scientific, principled understanding and will provide excellent opportunities to learn in a small group to study and profit from its wisdom. You will be taken into an exploration of what is behind transformative change in a way that you will have a sense of it, experience it, and be able to share it in your work with others. We have consistently found that as helpers go deeper into the fundamentals of this change the deeper the principles impact both their personal and professional lives.

Who is this program for?

For Coaches, Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Change Agents, People Helpers, Nurses, etc. This program is for anyone who wants to understand the science of mental life even more deeply, more simply.

This program is designed with you in mind.

This program is for you if:

You want to understand more deeply, for yourself, this revolutionary, unitary science of the future.

You want clients, patients, or students you care for to experience less suffering needlessly in their mental life.

You think it is possible for those you are caring for to, through more deeply understanding their own mental science, take even better care of their lives, and those they care for.

You want the best science and practice you can possibly use for the rest of your life.

In Summary

We have developed a program that will bring greater science and impact to you and to your help with others. This program will answer questions and solve problems at a fundamental level that may have plagued some of you for a long time.

This program will draw upon elements that create a new universal law of psychology; a general ontology that subsumes all other forms of knowing about human beings; all psychologies, all psychiatries, all philosophies, all sciences, all religions, all psychological beliefs, all human behavior.

Please consider joining us.

Keith Blevens, Ph.D. and Omar Ben Moussa

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