The 3P Paradigm Group Membership

Discovering the logic, wisdom, and power of the Three Principles as a Paradigm

A Pre-Existing Logic

The Three Principles Paradigm reveals a pre-existing logic we didn’t know about. By “following” this logic, we can now insightfully make sense of any Human Experience.

An Ageless Wisdom

Wisdom was believed to be something that we “gain” as we get older. The Three Principles Paradigm tells us differently. Wisdom is always available and is not based on time.

The Power of Principles

The Three Principles Paradigm reveals that we can discover another dimension that very few know about. It is in this dimension that we will find our true inheritance and become happier.

The Live Online Meetings

3 Live Meetings per month on Zoom

We have regular meetings on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Sundays of the month for us to keep in touch with each other and we can assist you in looking in an insightful direction so you can keep evolving.

Access to Foundational and Advanced Recordings

The Foundational Recordings

The Transformative Power of the Three Principles as a Paradigm

17 hours

A program designed to lay down the foundation of the Three Principles Paradigm that gives us a baseline for insightful learning and evolution

The Three Principles Taught as a Paradigm; From the Beginning

5 hours

An introduction to how the Three Principles can be explained using the logic, wisdom, and power of a paradigm.

Understanding and Working with the 3P Paradigm Diagrams

12 hours

A program that takes a deep dive into how the 3P Paradigm diagrams make us come face-to-face with how we actually experience.

The Advanced Recordings

Exploring the Logic and Wisdom of the Three Principles Paradigm 2017

18 hours

Keith and Valda’s first 3PP Summit in La Conner, WA brought together many people from all over the world who have been profoundly impacted by the 3P Paradigm.

3P Paradigm Coaching Masterclass

3 hours

A brilliant demonstration of how Keith and Valda guided a client to understand what was truly going on in her mental life over two sessions.

Always True, Always Relevant

24 hours

A journey of Keith and Valda taking a client from the beginning to the end, which took place over several sessions. The client discovered what is always true and relevant.

The Logic of Innate Health Audio Series

10 hours

An audio series that spoke of the profound implications that emerged from insightfully seeing the Three Principles as a paradigm.

Our Invitation to You

Your invitation to join the 3P Paradigm Group

Anywhere there are people, there is mental life. And, wherever there is mental life there is relevance to the Three Principles. Since we began thinking, learning, and teaching about the Three Principles as a paradigm we have often been asked by people sharing the principles with different populations and in different sectors, if we offer a practitioner certification course. Also, people get in touch to ask if they can have our permission to use and share our copyrighted materials in their work with clients. Until now we haven’t known clearly what to do: the answer to the first question has been, “no, not at the moment,” and the answer to the second question has been, “uhh, maybe…!”

An individual’s journey towards a deeper understanding of the principled nature of mental life is a matter of insight. And insight is bound by nothing. We cannot know how long it will take anybody to learn, but we would like to offer a way for people to enhance their appreciation and precision of what it means to experience, learn and teach the Three Principles as a paradigm. This is not a certification course, but it is an ongoing opportunity to be part of a community of people who wish to better understand and teach the Three Principles, and we are excited to invite you to join us in this endeavor.

Who can join the 3P Paradigm Group?

  • You would like to learn deeper about the constraining nature and simplicity of the Three Principles.
  • You would like to have regular, and insightful guidance from the originators and pioneers of the Three Principles understood as a paradigm.
  • You would like to incorporate a paradigm element in your Three Principles work with people.
  • You would like to use our materials; the 3PP diagrams, and the “Implications NOT Applications” document we have developed in our professional work with people.
  • You would like to join a group of like-minded students and colleagues looking to be more precise in their comprehension and uncover more of the transformational power of the Three Principles.

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