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This Checkout is for “PostGraduates,” those who have already spent a minimum of 12 months as a member of the “The 3P Paradigm Group.”

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The 3P Paradigm Group Membership (PostGraduate)

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Your 3P Paradigm Group Membership Includes:
  • 2 Live Meetings a month with Keith, Valda, and Brett (2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.)
  • Attend an extra Live Meeting every month shared with our “The 3PP Diagrams” Membership to learn why the 3PP diagrams are very helpful. (1st Sunday of the month)
  • Immediate access to SEVEN sets of recordings, including the 24-hour “Always True, Always Relevant” event not for sale.
  • Immediate access to all the recordings we’ve done in this membership since it started in 2019.
  • Immediate access to 3 key documents: “Implications NOT Applications,” “The Overarching Outcomes,” and “The 3P Paradigm Diagram Guide,” written by Keith and Valda.
  • Automatic permission to use our copyright materials as part of your work with clients.