A practical exposition of the principles which brings us psychology’s first paradigm. 

Hear more about the evolutionary trajectory that opens up for us as we begin to experience our own insights into how our mental life actually works…


Most people would like to be able to stop thinking about thoughts that are undesirable or unnecessary, but they find it hard to accomplish. Also most people would like to have wiser and more intelligent thinking so they can

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The Inseparable Nature of Thought and Feeling

All feelings derive and become alive, whether positive or negative, from the power of Thought. Sydney Banks, The Missing Link There is a pivotal point in understanding thought that appears to be unimportant, but turns out to be profoundly

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Short on Insight

Keith and I were working with a client and after the session an interesting phrase came to mind. I made the comment that the client was “short on insight.” We were both struck by the simplicity of the comment.

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Mind, Consciousness, and Thought

“During the last few months, I’ve been asked over and over again to try and explain in a deeper way how all our psychological thinking and processes is derived from what we call mind, consciousness, and thought, these basic

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Meeting Sydney Banks

We lived in California. Sydney was going to be speaking at a 5 day seminar on Salt Spring Island in Canada. Keith and some of his colleagues were driving there to hear Sydney teach. Keith asked me if I

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Insight – Our Evolutionary Potential

Never underestimate the power of an insight… Sometimes one genuine insight is worth all your previous experiences in life put together. Sydney Banks, The Enlightened Gardener Sydney Banks was tenacious about the importance of insight in understanding what he

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How Does Mental Clutter Get Created?

It’s really utterly simple. When we have a feeling that doesn’t look like it comes from thought (and we all do, every day) it takes on a life of its own, unnecessarily, in our mind. The life that it

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