There’s a deeper order of human functioning

How is it that we come to experience the experiences we experience? How is it that we come to feel the feelings that we feel?

There is a pre-existing logic that accounts for all of our feelings, all of our realities, all of our experiences. The Three Principles Paradigm explains how that works – not what you should do about it – but how that works.

It’s a simple and profound description of how your thought and feeling actually work all the time, as a constant. Every time anybody sees this constant for themselves, it impacts them. When you have an insight about it, when you realize it, not just intellectually, but really experience the truth of it, it can help you in ways you never imagined.

This is not about telling you what to do, or how to think. It is simply about beginning to see a logic that explains your experience, so that you can recognize it in your everyday life. As you experience it and understand it, you’re going to thrive rather than struggle. You’re going to connect rather than disconnect. You’re going to feel more capable and grounded, rather than out of it and confused and reactive.

To Explore

You’re going to have to learn through insight, which is the best thing in the world. You couldn’t get anything more practical. This is deep, deep knowledge. It doesn’t look like it on the face of it. But along with your family and who you love it’ll be the most important thing you learn.

So there’s a chance to learn something that is going help you change in a way that anybody would like to change. You end up learning the things you need to learn because you’re learning through insight, and insight is custom made, for you, to learn in a way that you’re interested in. What more could you ask for?”

Valda Monroe
The Transformative Power of the Three Principles as a Paradigm